All Is Not Lost


Goals, dreams, setbacks, and everything in between. One year, 5 years, or 10 years down the road and you’re still where you began. Many obstacles you’ve needed to push through such as: illnesses, grief,  job changes,  or a growing family. Good or bad, now you’re here, wishing you were there. Can you even get there? Is it too late? How does one begin…again?

Is your mind a battlefield of “should haves, would haves, could haves, wish I had”? If so, it’s not too late.

Some of us pictured the white picket fence life with our last name “Jones.” Some of us pictured a life with a leather briefcase of your choice and the name plate to go along with your gold cuff-links. Some of us pictured a life across seas in a rural area being the hands and feet of Hope to those who’ve lost it. Maybe… and maybe some of us pictured a life of being satisfied and happy no matter the circumstances that laid in front us. But somehow, we got stuck. Our tires are stuck in the mud, spinning trying to get out, but they move and move and 10 years later, they’re still moving, but going nowhere.

Our lives are busy. Simply put. Easy to say, and hard to do. We are exhausted from morning to night. We are lucky if we can even speak a full sentence by bedtime. Or is that just me? But that’s it. Too busy to think. To busy to create our own ideas based off of our own thoughts. Instead we follow deadlines or never ending loads of laundry. Our heads are spinning to make ends meet or fixated on the fear of losing the wealth we have. We take care of others first, and then not enough is left for ourselves. So we pour from an empty cup and hope for the best. We are no longer a priority.

But you are a priority. The goals you have, the dreams that barely hang on, the desires you feel, they’re there. You can obtain them. They’re within reach. You need time to think, vent, connect, and create. That’s what life coaching is about. That’s why I fell in love with it. That’s why we all need it.


As a wise woman once said to me, “Do something kind for yourself today.”




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