Outreach Mission

-Suicide Rate Surged to a 30 year high in 2016 according to The New York Times

-1 in 5 females self harm and 1 in 7 males self harm according to healthyplace.com

-Roughly 85% of employees mental health conditions go undiagnosed or untreated according to Huffington Post

-At least 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime according to the Eating Disorder Coalition.

Yet, many will not say anything out of fear of judgement or being let go from their place of employment.


I awoke one morning with an idea in mind from a burden within my heart to equip, empower, and engage others in the workforce to have a better understanding of mental illness and how they can get help.

In my life I have faced many challenges. Because of those challenges and lack of better coping skills, I found myself in a face to face battle with Anorexia that would later have me relapse 3 times and almost take my life 2 times, Self-Harm that would leave me marred and scarred for the rest of my life from a temporary relief that was the best decision compared to what I really wanted to do, a secret alcohol and pill abuse struggle that would numb me enough to hold down a job. A job to pay for it all again.

A cycle I so desperately wanted broken. I described it as “waves after waves.”

I looked in many places and finally found help. I took that help, and the next help, and then the next help. Whatever it took to save my life, a life that I wasn’t sure was even worth saving. But I did it anyway.

Fast forward through years of tears, countless prayers, and getting back up again, I am now married with 3 beautiful children and counting. I have found my purpose and I don’t like to waste time. Not now, not anymore. I have a mission.

My heart is to see others get the help they need and to reach their full potential. I have experienced the stigma of having had an eating disorder, depression, scars, and a past that I wouldn’t pick if I could do over again with the wisdom I have now. But that’s not how life works. We have one chance.

In corporate offices, school buildings, churches, medical clinics, restaurants, everywhere… there are people battling. They are fighting through depression, self harm, eating disorders, anxiety, or other illnesses in private. My goal is to spread awareness, break the stigma, give a face to the battle, answer the hard questions, and encourage the work force to do every 6 to 12 months mental health checks where others can anonymously admit to struggling and we can make sure they have resources. Make sure they don’t have to struggle alone. No one should have to battle alone. This is my mission.